Weekend Adventures!

>>Now, we know its been a hot minute since we’ve done anything. Trust me it killed us. I was thankful to be off work this weekend, so double the day trips!!<<

Saturday, we made our way back down to London! SO much to see and you can’t do it all in a day! Thankful we aren’t on a time crunch to see the UK.

We started off making our way down to the eye, we were going to get on but it was packed, I mean it was a SUNNY day! 🙂

Big Ben (left) and London Eye (Right)

So we decided to stop and get lunch! We found this pub called Camel and Artichoke, the food was good but we did feel like the only young people in there. LOL.

After that we just walked, we go to London knowing what we have seen already and no plan. Were not fans of plans when it comes to travel. Just plan on the location and thats about it for us! But when you just walk and EXPLORE look at what you find, almost empty to empty streets and some street art.

About this time we decided on Tower of London. We haven’t seen it yet so, theres the plan. Time to take the underground!


*Above* the guards, One in front of the crown jewels (left) and the other (right) guarding what we think is the soldiers living quarters.

Beer stop! 

                                                                                            DSC_0535   Anyone know what this means? If you guessed 221 B Baker street, you’re correct! Sherlock Holmes! Unfortunately, when we found it, it was 530 and they closed at 6 and were no longer selling museum tickets. So have to go back another time! DSC_0533DSC_0534


Sunday, we were blessed with another beautiful, sunny day! Two in a row!! Thanks England, love ya!!  So the initial plan was to go to Beers of Europe since I haven’t been, but Daniel has while I was at work one weekend.

And let me just say the drive to Beers of Europe was beautiful.

But we arrived!! Let me just tell you, its not what you picture. At all. You probably picture a nice place like we did, its nice but not as nice as you picture it when you hear the words Beers of Europe.


Its literally a giant warehouse!! We think it should be called Beers of img_0882the World since they have things in there from the States, Mexico, and then of course all of Europe. But anyway, its overwhelming how much beer you see when you walk in! They have THREE very long isles full of beer on both sides. You just say “Where do I even begin?!” You literally have to walk down each isle twice once for each side. Its so hard to look on both sides at the same time! LOL. Then in the back they have this *new* section, we didn’t go back there, Daniel said it was more wine, whiskey, scotch ect.

After we picked three beers each, you create a 6 pack basically buying each beer  individually, we decided to go to the sea. We were only about 30 minutes away so why not??

We went to Hunstanton beach. It was nice but also seemed touristy and we didn’t expect that.

And for lunch we had fish and chips!

Over all it was a fun, adventure filled weekend and were ready of our next adventure!

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