Meet The Yagers

Welcome, we’re the Yager’s and we love to travel but the past few years we haven’t as much as I’d like. For 2016 we decided to create a travel blog to better document our adventures. We are both 29, high school sweethearts, and love living life together.  We have a baby BOY and we have two fur babies, both girls, Cali & Charlotte! We are currently living in ENGLAND! Lots of travel opportunities we are taking advantage of! One of our main 2016 resolutions was to travel more without worrying and waiting. We’ve been in England for little over five years now and still haven’t done as much as I would like. My gypsy soul needs to be fed!

Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh, Scotland || 2015

Follow our adventures and maybe see a few places you never heard of, never thought about going to or whatever the situation may be. Enjoy them.

-Daniel, Taylor + Alex

Dover 8x10
White Cliffs of Dover || 2014



Places we’ve lived:

Birmingham, AL (hometown)
Las Vegas, NV (2011-2014)
United Kingdom (2014-present)

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