Lavenham, UK (aka Godrics Hollow)

The first time we went to Lavenham was back in October 2015. It was lovely and so unique. Unfortunately, my camera was dead. How in the world did I allow that to happen?!

Today we went back! And I had a fully charged camera! 😆 So lets talk Lavenham (aka Godrics Hollow) just a small little town that makes for the perfect day trip. Lavenham is home to a 15th century church and half-timbered medieval cottages, that are relying on each other to remain standing.


*Little history fact* In the medieval period it was among the 20 wealthiest settlements in England.

Now lets talk Harry Potter! Now, he wasn’t really here, but in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, it certainly looked as if he was, as the streets of Lavenham were used as a background for the scenes in Godric’s Hollow with CGI.

Harry Potters house.

Harry Potters home: De Vere House in Lavenham, Suffolk.

The rest of Lavenham is just as adorable! Here’s inside and outside the Guildhall.

This shows the layout of the Guildhall and what each room was used for hundreds of years ago. *below*


I love this little town. Its just so adorable! AND, not to expensive to explore. We arrived around 11 and had lunch, around 12 we started exploring and by 2pm we’ve already seen the whole place!  You really just need to pay for gas there and lunch!

*below pictures from Greyhound Lavenham*

It was a cute and cozy little pub! The food was great and we enjoyed the nice warm fire they had going! It was very cold outside but we were lucky enough to have a nice sunny day! Check out the rest of the town!


Since we took over 100 photos you can check the rest of the out on our Facebook page here.


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