Cambridge Day Out

Cambridge! Just a short drive from where we are, like Bury, but its a college town! So much to see and do though! There’s this beautiful church in the center, and it is FREE to enter. They do have a donation pot for if you light a candle, but it’s only a few pence.


Now I already said this church is beautiful, but look! It has a marble altar. Gorgeous. You don’t see places like this back in the states. And even though they may seem similar they all have differences and they are all breathtaking.
4723 43On this particular day we tried out punting. Its a bit pricy but worth it, in our opinion, at least once. But for a shared punting tour its, on the day, for adults £18,concessions £15, children £8 and
31booking online adults £12, concessions £10, and children £4. Also keep it mind it may be different prices company to company, there are a few. BUT, with the tour guide, trust me don’t try to do this on your will fail at it. You will go 35down river cam and see these beautiful bridges and even some of the college dorms. And lets not forget they tell you to go buy some beers because you can DRINK during this tour.


And finally some street views. ❤

11531354We went on a beautiful kinda chilly October day, but as you can see it was well worth it with all of the lovely fall colors! 🙂

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