Stonehenge, UK

So today we decided to take a last minute day trip!


Stonehenge is a big tourist attraction but its one of those things you HAVE to see like the Grand Canyon for example!

Facts:   Stonehenge was built in several stages, Stonehenge began about 5,000 years ago as a simple earthwork enclosure where prehistoric people buried their cremated dead. The stone circle was erected in the centre of the monument in the late Neolithic period, around 2500 BC. Stonehenge has two different types of stone,the larger sarsens, and the smaller bluestones. There are 83 stones in total.

Stonehenge is very interesting to see. You just think, what was its purpose back then? How did those men arrange and REARRANGE those stones?? Yes over a 1,000 year period the stones were rearranged multiple times.





After here we went in the gift shop and I HAD TO HAVE a hot tea!  For one it was in the 30s and two it was raining! A very cold day!

After that we got back on the road and headed towards Oxford for lunch, sadly the library used as the Hogwarts library was closed today. We ate lunch at a nice little pub, The Four Candles.

Then we drove home after lunch, plus it was getting dark! IT was still a beautiful place that is now on the list for a day trip, and not just for the library!  Check out the few pictures I was able to get in Oxford, England.


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