King’s Cross Station, London

So the first time I went was a girls day, unfortunately, Daniel didn’t get his picture taken at platform 9 3/4. The two of us went back on our new years eve day trip but the queue was way too long.

On my first trip I went into this lovely store ❤ and purchased Hermiones wand.12052508_10153311603589545_688198398065621074_o12038519_10153310021414545_1564310045620683641_n

On the New Years eve trip I finally purchased the Gryffindor scarf! Im in love with it! This place is very busy! But so worth visiting if you’re in England and a HP fan! The store also has a website! Check it out!!( They have all the house scarves, quidditch sweaters, house cardigans, both character  and Ollivander wands.  The Ollivander wands are replicas and the character wands are just listed as collectibles but look like the real thing too!


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