Bury St Edmunds Abbey

This is a beautiful garden located in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. The gardens have remains from the original abbey and you can go in the current abbey, all free.  You just have to pay for parking, but thats anywhere in England. Depending on how long you stay its only a few pounds. Make sure you keep pound coins on hand for parking, they don’t accept notes. BUT, parking is free after 3pm every Tuesday! 🙂

Just walking around town you may stumble on things like this. A cemetery, I’d call abandoned, its probably not but it was so overgrown when we saw it.


Then you’ll stumble across the beautiful little areas like this right across the street from the abbey! 




Now are you ready to see the gardens?! AH they are breath taking, especially in the spring/summer! The gardens are full of flowers and sunshine (depending on the day, hey its England) tons of people just sitting in the grass with a nice book or just on a blanket with a partner talking. Either way its relaxing and I enjoy going when its warm out!

11174868_10153086197119545_1235522300519625484_nHere, on the right, you can see the ruins of the original abbey as well as the new abbey in the background. Its an entire little park area. You can go across this bridge (below) and go onto a small hiking trial (we followed it around and thats how we found the cemetery, but we followed in the direction going back towards the abbey) 11536095_10153086201159545_5417351060033205557_n

10357258_10152372120514545_965590551518357302_n Overall, it’s a great, easy and cheap day out! Also you can find food right across from the abbey up this, what looks like an alley, but has tons of shops and little off the wall places to eat and some big names.

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