Travelling with a toddler

So we are travelling with a current (14 month old). Let me share some tips with you and what we’ve learned so far. These are our DAY TRIP tips. Modified slightly for longer travel. Stay tuned for that blog post.


  • Plenty of extra snacks! 

Ok, so this is basically you don’t know what could happen. Be out longer, kid possibly hungrier whatever may pop up I like to be prepared with PLENTY. Easy things to pack squeeze pouches (you can buy them at the store OR order some reusable/washable ones off of amazon and make your own), goldfish or we take the mighty Dinos, cheerios, my little man loves the banana cookies, and the Gerber animal cracker cookies.

  • Extra diapers! 

If your little one isn’t potty trained yet (I’m torn on him staying little and ready for him to be out of diapers đŸ˜‚) again, you want to be prepared for anything to happen! Having more is better than being out while you’re out and having to hunt some down!

  • Change of clothes

Let’s face it, kids can be messy while eating especially when a squeeze pouch is involved and they get angry for God knows why. I don’t know what it is. My child knows how to hold his squeeze pouch independently, he knows how to get the puree out; but for some reason he ALWAYS gets it around his neck, on his jeans, all over his hands..never fails. Even at home.

  • Toys

Take a hand full of small busy toys. He has a tag blanket he carries EVERYWHERE like Linus. We also take his favorite firetruck and one other busy toy usually another car that he likes to play with. I recently ordered him a dimpl and it will be a toy we pack for trips.

  • iPad
Wayo Kids App

Some parents probably don’t agree with this item, but you know what? It works for us. Some times, especially just sitting in the back of the car, he wants to watch something. I always turn on Little Baby Bum so he can learn colors, shapes, counting, ABCs, and every day nursery rhymes while we’re driving. This boy LOVES music and the fact they sing ALL THE TIME is WINNING. This was also a life savor on a 10 HOUR FLIGHT! You can go to LBBs website and download them directly to your device and have episodes ready for any time NO WIFI NEEDED, you can save them to your camera roll off of their app OR you could also search little baby bum on YouTube if you have cell service or wifi.  They’ve got all the directions listed. đŸ™‚




We also make sure we have the Tula in the car along with a stroller. He’s walking independently BUT he can get tired and we like to have both to use depending on the situation. Our favorite travel stroller is the GB Pockit. It folds so small I carried it ON THE PLANE and it fit in the overhead! The first time we travelled back to the states we didn’t have the best luck with gate check, so I was thrilled it was small enough!


His bag is kinda empty since I emptied it from Saturday’s trip but I left two pouches..and I also keep in the front pocket some baby sunglasses, hand sanitizer wipes, pacifier wipes, and a washable mat for when we go out to eat. And, I always have him a cup in the side pocket with water.

I hope these tips help you when you travel! And we will be adding more after some more adventures with our little man!

-The Yagers

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