We’ve moved!

Back in April we left our home of eight years in England to move back to the states. I miss England everyday and can not wait to go back! But we had to move and bought our first home in these crazy times and are currently in Georgia. Just means new adventures! I just have a lot of updating to do because I fall behind so easily, unfortunately. We have been slowly getting adjusted to being back and unpacking our things.

We recently just welcomed a new fur baby, Oliver. He is a, now 10 week old, golden retriever. My heart kept going back and forth and I know I can never replace my girl Cali but emotionally I was ready for those cuddles again because the cat is like don’t touch me unless I say so. So no cuddles there. But that’s our little life update for the past four months, and I still have some post from England from right before we left that I need to get posted.


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