Cali πŸ’”

This is VERY hard but..

It is heavy with our hearts to let everyone know Cali has crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday October 22, 2021. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”

12 years. 12 years that she was beside me and there for me. She was there for me during all of the TDYs and deployments. She was there for me when I was sick. She always protected me and wouldn’t let strangers near me. She was there when we brought Alexander home.

Our girl had a growth in her mouth that just appeared around 2018. We had it removed multiple times but each time it came back bigger. She started refusing to eat and we knew it was time even though we weren’t ready.

She was so loved and while Alex was at school Daniel and I held onto Cali and loved on her until she took her last breath. Cali will be cremated and will be coming home to us. I could not leave her in England. 😭

This is a very difficult time and I am broken. Cali is greatly missed! We ask for prayers and understanding while we grieve. πŸ’”

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