b•i•r•t•h•d•a•y 2020

the one where I was quarantined.

Not how I pictured spending my birthday but you know. I am super thankful we could still get sushi take away because I always want sushi on my birthday and any other day really. But its been so long without take away and I didn’t want to cook on my birthday! 😂

I can not wait til this is all over so I can celebrate with friends but I was lucky with some gifts left at my front door and opening the door and they’d be in their car well over 6ft away and just chat for a second of how nice it was to see each other in person. And craziest highlight asking how the grocery store is on stock since they were out for that at the same time.

This was for sure a birthday I can’t forget.

The year everyone stock piled toilet paper, mask, cleaners, hand sanitizer and many other products because we were stuck at home.

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