London Zoo

I’m so behind on post. 😅 Forgive me.   BUT Harry Potter location checked off! 

Let me just start by saying going to the Zoo during the UKs heatwave is NOT the best idea! We were all dripping with sweat, ew I know, but it gets hot! Did I Love all the animals? Yes. Do I love they are in a zoo? No. I love seeing animals but I wish they had more room and were only in a zoo as a hospital. By that I mean something happens and they need help but as soon as they are recovered they go back to the wild. Or if they have something wrong with them to where they just wouldn’t survive the wild. Those are the only circumstances I’m okay with a zoo.

It was SO HOT that the thought of just swimming with these guys seemed fun. But I’m sure they weren’t too happy about the 80ºf + weather either.



momma and baby


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