WB Studio Tour London || Harry Potter

We started October off right! We went to a castle, hall and Nottingham! But, I’m gonna start with Harry Potter. Its the most popular Instagram post right now so why not go ahead and post about it?! I have about 120ish photos from this trip!

Lets step into my FAVORITE place, potions!

I can’t tell you how amazing this pace is! Since we travelled with our little one I didn’t want to bother carrying around my good camera so I’m sorry these are iPhone photos. I don’t want to share ALL the pictures because you truly need to go see it but if you wish to see more click here to see the rest on our facebook page.

You can truly spend an ENTIRE day here! BOOK TICKETS IN ADVANCE ON THEIR WEBSITE (HERE)! They sell out quickly and DO NOT sell them at the door!! Once you have your ticket booked for a date + time and you get there you have absolutely NO TIME LIMIT inside the tour. Its self-guided and you can go as slow or quickly as you want. But for real who wants to go quickly??! They say the average time through it is three hours! About mid-way through they have a lunch area where you can get some basic food and BUTTER BEER! You can also buy all the sweets and treats from the movies like chocolate frogs, Bertie bots every flavour beans, fizzing whizzbees, peppermint toads, and some more great options! And of course they have prop replicas you can purchase, anyone need homeschool robes? Want some horcurxes? What about Hermiones time-turner?


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