Adventure Awaits!

OKAY, so I did go back home for a visit back during the summer, but now I’m at the point in my pregnancy I can’t fly. Also, at the beginning I was so sick I didn’t want to fly for a trip and be miserable! Now I’m finally feeling better!!! YAY! I have my days where I’m tried just because third trimester but I also have days full of energy like normal. SOOO with all that being said we’ve booked a day trip in NOVEMBER! Probably our last trip just the two of us as little man could come end of November but is due beginning of December!

It’s been too long without some sort of trip and I’m itching to do something else even before our day trip in November! Hopefully we’ll be able too but, between pictures and classes the hospital has scheduled for me to attend our weekends are kinda full these last 6 weeks! But nonetheless next year the blog will be back to normal-ish!😊😂 We’ll definitely be traveling more then we did this year!

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