Harry Potter and the Cursed Child PLAY

The time finally came! A few weekends ago it was time for HARRY POTTER!!


Now, you know that I can’t say much about this AT ALL! Gotta #KeepTheSecrets ! But I can say that it was FREAKING AMAZING!!! We saw both parts in the same day. I also recommend this because as soon as part one ends you’re not going to want to wait another few days before you can see part two!

I can also say that tickets go on sale again APRIL 25 at 11am BST! Now if you will be in the London area in 2018 or want to buy tickets just to come, I HIGHLY encourage you to buy tickets on April 25! The tickets will be for 2 May – 22 July 2018! Tickets can be found (in the balcony area) for about £15-£20 pre part! That’s not bad at all! That’s about $20-$25 with the current exchange rate! Tickets sell out FAST and this show is worth it!!!

How do I know all this about the tickets? Well, I get emails from them and you can purchase your tickets here.

GO SEE IT and #KeepTheSecrets


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