Kersey, UK

Today we went off the beaten path! Welcome to Kersey!

Kersey was once well known for cloth-making – so well known that it is mentioned in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost. Kersey was famous for a rough, ribbed cloth which was especially suitable for hosiery. Today Kersey is yet another picturesque Suffolk village, probably best known for pottery and right in the centre, a road that fords River Brett, where once the cloth-makers used to soak their materials.

It is indeed a picture-postcard village with a wonderful array of timbered merchant houses and weavers cottages, most of which retain their large windows on the first floor to give plenty of light to the cottage industry of weaving dating back to the fifteenth century.

We didn’t stay long. For one it was rainy and two it was freezing! It wasn’t that cold when we left the house but it did start snowing while we were out. BUT, it didn’t stick. But it is a cute little old village in the Suffolk area! Thinking we will check it out again when its a bit warmer out!


The main street has a ford across a stream.


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