Bath, Uk

This post is LONG OVER DUE! I’ve been bad and haven’t been keeping up with the blog as best as I can, but I was busy the last few months of the year. Finishing up school and working five to six days a week. I was so tired I’d just clean the house and relax. We’re finally getting back into our groove with traveling now that school is over and work has slowed down!

While my mom was in town (Taylor’s mom) we went over to Bath and saw Stonehenge again! I loved Bath. I didn’t really want to leave and I wanted everything spa related in the gift shop! HAHA!!

Here’s a few pictures from our trip! You can find the rest on our Facebook page here.


I loved Bath and would love to go back soon, maybe on a sunny day! 😂 You know a SUPER RARE day for England. It does happen where we have beautiful sunny days, its just not often. Like it was sunny yesterday (Feb 6) and rainy today (feb 7).

It was beautiful and relaxing! I need all things spa related from the gift shops for my guest “spa” bathroom.

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