Wells-Next-The-Sea, UK

So a few weeks ago we went to the beach twice in the same week! Sorry with school and work I’m a bit behind on the blog.😕

It was beautiful and the water wasn’t that cold either,for England never staying warm!! HA! But, maybe it was because the tide was going out and we were in a shallow part, I don’t know but I loved every minute of it.


Its a nice little place, the beach isn’t too crowded if you walk out a bit. We went on a Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday we arrived around 930am as we left earlier and the car park was empty but when we left it was full. Only part thats busy would be the park (its 3 po
kestops in one place😂) and the street with the food! On the left we are hitting up the pokestops! Below is my sea salt caramel ice cream cone, amazing! Enough said! Buy one! 


I snapped this photo (left) of boats in low tide on my iPhone! And it recently won a photo contest on Facebook.  I just love the ocean! Its my happy place!

I can’t wait to go back to this little town! Want to see more pictures, check them all out here.







Enjoy the rest of the pictures and be sure to visit if you haven’t and are close to the area!! LET THE OCEAN TAKE ME!


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