Norwich Day Trip / Show

Yesterday we had another day trip! We love our day trips, especially with us both working Monday-Friday!!

Norwich is about an hour away from us, so if you’re near (the suffolk area) and haven’t been you should go!

First thing we did was get lunch! We arrived around lunch time and oh man was it busy!

Apple Crumb & Custard

We ate at Frank’s Bar, the food was amazing but unfortunately I didn’t take a picture! My drink was amazing though!! *pictured above* it had cinnamon sugar on the rim and contained Zubrowka vodka, Galliano & apple juice.

After lunch we started walking around Norwich and came up on the castle (I didn’t realize Norwich had a castle)  but, to be fair it disappointed me! I wanted to see an actual castle but it was a museum and new on the inside minus one part, and that one part was my favorite part! DSC_0440


This center part was by far my favorite part! Along with the ground floor telling the prison stories! DSC_0446DSC_0444DSC_0449

Be careful! Stairs are uneven & narrow.
I love old doors and I just love this picture!

The view from up top was amazing! After the inside of the castle we walked around it to just see the view! DSC_0455DSC_0454DSC_0453DSC_0452DSC_0443

Even though is was fairly foggy it was still a gorgeous view!

Final bar stop before the show!

Just walking the streets and I just loved these flowers!

Once we got to the venue we only waited about 15 minutes before going in, unfortunately when he checked my bag he said I couldn’t carry my camera in without a photo permit (which kinda made me angry cause I WAS NOT LEAVING IT IN THE CAR) but the girl at the front said she could keep it and I picked it up on our way out. So I didn’t get any pictures of the show! We saw Decapitated and Sylsosis. Daniel was able to get a few videos on his phone but I couldn’t with mine. So heres one video.

And that was our fun filled day! I love little day trips! Now to get ready for our adventure this weekend!

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