Manchester Day Trip / Parkway Drive

We started driving around 8am. I was too tired for pictures and around  11am is when I started taking a few pictures. I left my good camera at home, since I didn’t want it at the show and I was NOT leaving it in the car. So, you get lovely iPhone 6s pictures.

  After we ate lunch we walked around the Manchester Museum.

Can you find the lizard?
Posing for the camera! 

This little guy is very poisonous! 
After we found T-Rex we looked at the crystals they had on display! 😍

    Of course, after the museum we had to find another pub! for more beer obviously! I had coffee as I was driving us back home later and I was FREEZING!
After that set of beers we had about 2 hours until the doors opened for the concert so we went to a hotel to meet up with my husbands friends to “pre-game” It was kinda funny to watch! 😂 (Picture below from there)


Ok, finally time to get a cab over to the O2 Apollo and wait on the doors to open!!


I had the best time and I can not wait to see parkway drive again! 

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