London Day Out

-NewYears Eve-

We spent the day in London! Oh what fun! It was very tiring and  busy. We saw the London bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, the Underground and enjoyed a nice dinner at Steak & Co. Basically all we did was walk so I’ll just attach some pictures of our day. 🙂

We wandered to Parliament Hill to see if we could see some fireworks and it was creepy! It was a park, but it didn’t have any lights. So here we are in the woods because the internet told my husband this was a great place to see the fireworks. Ugh. I was angry for a minute. Okay, the whole walk up. It was muddy because it rained while we were eating, luckily it never rained on us. DSC_0129^ Hike up to Parliament Hill. DSC_0132^ This was the view from the top of parliament hill, so it was kinda worth it but I didn’t have my tripod and it was WET. I didn’t want to sit, so we walked back down got on the tube and went back to the center of London. DSC_0134^ We left parliament hill a different way than entering. NO woods! Why couldn’t maps make this the entrance too?! Anyway we walked down this beautiful road! First of all I love old houses so thats why I loved this road and it was very quiet to be in the city. After googling houses for sale on parliament hill..turns out these houses are on the market for around 1.1 million pounds.DSC_0138^ The Tower Bridge DSC_0145^ The Shard DSC_0148^ The London Eye

DSC_0102DSC_0112DSC_0119^Big Ben DSC_0121^ Dinner at Steak & Co. Its a really cool place! We both ordered steak cause you don’t go to a steak place and order cod and chips, yes that was on the menu. They bring the steak to you on a giant cutting board looking thing with the butter, salt and sauce you selected. The steak is on this hot stone and you take it off put it on the plate they have on this board also and put a little butter on the stone sprinkle the salt and sear your steak as you eat bite by bite.  DSC_0135

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